June 9, 2021

"My 2006 Chevy truck was making a rumbling noise on the right side. I brought it to Scott and he figured it out pretty quickly that it was my wheel bearings. He got the parts in quickly and I was back on the road in 4 hours. Good price too. Thanks Scott"
October 20, 2018

"Mike and his employees are honest and trustworthy. They will do their best to fix your car when you walk in without an appointment. Though making an appointment is appreciated. Mr Shultz Terry and Scott have been here at thia location for many years. MR Shultz is the kindest caring mechanic youll ever meet. So ladies, you have my word they will not tell you something is wrong and needs to be fixed unless it does. His prices are slightly higher but my opinion the cost is worth the comfort of not being ripped off. He constantly giving back to family friends and community."
May 17, 2018

"I was stranded at the arco station wondering what to do. I googled competant mechanics near me. I called, and mike answers the phone, older gentleman with alot of jokes and sayings, big smile. so he determins its my starter right away, and it took awhile to get the part, but understandably, my car is a 1986 nissan 300 zx. so I ask him, I say, I have an oil leak, do youhave any ideas? I WAS BLOWN AWAY. he says yeah, its your pressure sensor for the guage. WHAT??? I have been to three places, firestone on tustin ave,pep boys, and americas tire sensor. firestone filled my oil pan with dye to find the leak, then said its my oil pan gasket. $175 oil change $200. pep boys checked the dye and said it was power steering fluid. LOL my driveway has oil on it, NOT STEERING FLUID, americas tire, $1875 to replace the oil pan gasket, the rack and pinnion steering, oil change and Oh, we will give you a great deal on the struts. all that for an honest diagnosis at shultz imports and guess what? he fixed my starter for $75 in labor. I PROMISE YOU, I WILL NEVER GO ANYWHERE ELSE. THANK YOU MIKE."
March 30, 2018

"Great service and good work. Friendly and explains everything being done."
March 30, 2018

"Scott and Mike are friendly and honest. Recommend."
Kindred ADR