Maintenance in Yorba Linda, CA

Want to avoid breakdowns and expensive automotive problems? Your best solution is to stay up to date on routine maintenance for your car. Kindred ADR delivers a complete range of scheduled services, dedicated to keeping your car’s many critical systems functioning fully.

nissan 350z

  • Oil changes:
    Keep friction out of your engine and reduce premature wear by keeping up on regular oil changes in Yorba Linda, CA! We work quickly to replace the oil in your engine with top-shelf synthetics and can offer engine flushing and filter replacement as needed to protect your engine.
  • Tune-ups:
    Every so often, your vehicle benefits from a tune-up. We deliver precision tune-ups in Yorba Linda, CA to help maximize your vehicle’s efficiency, including replacing spark plugs, flushing systems, adjusting timing, checking injectors and more.
  • Factory-scheduled maintenance:
    Most vehicles have specifically-mandated service requirements at 30/60/90k mileage markers. We’ll help you stay on top of your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance to ensure you stay within your warranty and that your car maintains peak efficiency.
  • Brakes:
    If you notice your brakes squeaking or squealing or have to put the pedal all the way to the floor to get your car to stop, it’s time for new brakes. Let us perform this routine service to provide you with new pads and shoes that keep you safe when you step on the brakes.
  • Filters & fluids:
    From power steering fluid top-offs, to transmission fluid flushes, to air filters and beyond, we’re the destination for filter and fluid service. Let us make sure everything stays clean and properly lubricated.

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Count on our team to identify routine maintenance services that will benefit for your vehicle and perform them flawlessly. With our team on your side, you’ll be confident your car is always getting the very best attention from professionals who care. Schedule routine service with us today at 714-528-4411.

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