Diagnostics in Yorba Linda, CA

car diagnosticsKnowing what problems are lurking within your vehicle is the first step to fixing them. If your ‘check engine’ light is on or you’re already dealing with a problem, make sure you’re getting auto diagnostics from Kindred ADR. We use sophisticated tech to read your car’s onboard computer, to determine what exactly needs to be fixed.

Through auto diagnostics, we’re able to provide quicker, better repairs to our customers and keep their cars running better for longer. We aim to be the auto mechanic in Yorba Linda, CA you trust when you need precision service.

General Diagnostics

By paying close attention to the dash lights and symptoms of your vehicle, our team is able to diagnose issues with accuracy. Count on us to check that strange noise or uneven feeling of your vehicle against a database of known issues, to provide diagnostics that are indicative of the problem. And, of course, we can repair it with precision to get you back on the road, fast.

check engine light

Check Engine Lights

For many people, the ‘check engine’ light is mysterious. You know there’s a problem that needs to be fixed, but you’re just not sure what it is! As soon as the light comes on, bring your car to us for comprehensive engine diagnostics in Yorba Linda, CA. We’ll tell you what’s wrong and make sure your car is getting the right fix, fast. Don’t ignore your ‘check engine’ light—bring it to us and make sure it’s getting the attention it demands.

electrical light

Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical problems can cripple a vehicle. Our team will work quickly to diagnose electrical troubles to fully resolve them, so you can get back to driving without issue. We can easily pinpoint battery troubles, fuse issues and suspect circuits by testing them, giving you the confidence that comes with a targeted resolution.

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If you suspect a problem or have a warning light on your dash, schedule an appointment with Kindred ADR right away. Using thorough diagnostics, we’ll make sure your vehicle gets the service it needs. Call 714-528-4411 today.

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